• Twenty First Street Maintenance.
    Your Green Cab one-stop shop!
  • Full service management of SHL permits
    with industry best monthly rate
    to permit owners!
  • We offer an ALL-HYBRID fleet of cars
    for $400 PER WEEK & $50 PER DAY!

Twenty First Street Maintenance.
Your Green Cab one-stop shop!

We specialize in the Street Hail Livery program from top to bottom. Whether you are looking to drive, lease, sell or buy, we handle it all.

All our cars are 100% HYBRIDS! This means drivers save money, not having to drive gas-guzzling Crown Vics or Lincolns! We also offer a 24/7 maintenance garage for all your repair needs, along with a 24/7 friendly dispatch staff to answer all of questions. All included in the weekly price!

SHL permit holders who wish to lease out their permit to us, receive grade-A service along with the industry best monthly payments, someone available 24/7 to answer any and all questions, friendly staff that looks out for your permit as cherished investment.

We can also pair sellers with buyers. If you are looking to sell your permit, give us a call and we are sure to find you a perspective buyer. Those wishing to purchase an SHL permit, may do so with our assistance as well. Call anytime and we will accommodate accordingly.


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Green hybrid cars for sale

Green cars for sale, already painted green, ready for meter shop.
Starting from $4,000 each.

Be your own boss and start driving your own taxi.

Call now: 718 808 5009

Toyota Prius51 mpg
Ford Escape34 mpg