Religious Origins and the Facts Behind Them – Why Now?

People rationally modified into the certainty are prisoners in prison of their inventive capacity. They gather dividers of confusion and disappointment achieving mental conditions like dejection, self-hurt, and even suicide. I will probably pass on truth spoken to by memory of resurrection and a strong supernatural association. Simply through discernments, analyze, and interior learning would it have the capacity to happen.

Most can’t go past the blockage given to protect ‘reality’ until the end. That is the time advancing toward which is the reason it is revealed now.

“God hath spilled out upon you the spirit of significant rest, and hath close your eyes… in addition, the vision of all is… as the statements of a book that is settled… ” Isaiah 29:10,11

Religion ascended out of sun love and Babylon, the primary home of Islam. To grasp why the Spirit demonstrated me to destroy words and translate meaning. A ‘kid’ is poor and ‘l-on’ is ‘god’s quality’ while ‘el’ implies ‘god’. The name implies ‘offspring of god-quality’. Islam or ‘I-s-l-m’ implies ‘eye of light-god-mother’. The god suggested is the sun.

‘Sun’ is in like manner ‘san’, ‘sin’, ‘kid’, and ‘sen’. The central pictures of its ability are the cross and the five-point star. Along these lines, ‘san-t’ pushed toward winding up ‘sacred individual’. ‘sen-t’ implies ‘gone, and so on. More information about Liturgia Di├íria

‘Sin-o-gog’ is ‘sun’s circle god’. It’s the party put for watching the sun star and is, thus, the working for holding such social events. ‘Sin-o-d’ is ‘sun’s drift of sustenance’ and the title for a social occasion of ministers. ‘M-o-s-k’ implies ‘mother’s circle-light-cross’ and the beginning of ‘mosque’.

Members at religious social events are continued into their god’s ways. As kids they suckle on the chest of their feeder – the sun. In old urban regions dividers decorated with chests and such were made to empower men to partake in foreplay before painful executing. They climbed on sunbeams to ‘marry’ Mari in heaven, or so they thought. ‘Mom r-y’ connotes ‘mother’s pivotal eye’.

“Whom will (God) train data… them that are weaned from the empty and drawn out of the chests.” Isaiah 28:9

An old term for ‘sun’ is ‘o-r’ for ‘drift of power’. ‘Or then again, s’ is ‘sunshine’ and the Greeks added the [h] to make ‘horse’. As judges and authorities wear wigs of steed hair to pass laws it demonstrates they speak to the sun.

There is much that can be said of this and it is written in my books. Fundamentally all religions have started from a comparative source and none of them know or serve the Spirit of the Universe.